What is the Federal Second Chance Act?

The SCA or Second Chance Act is the law that authorizes the funding of the federal and state re-entry program. It is also directing the BOP or Bureau of Prisons to consider providing the eligible federal inmates with an extensive stay in the halfway houses. It also allows the BOP to approve funds intended for the limited program for the senior prisoners.

Federal Second Chance Act: Helping the Inmates Re-enter the Community

Generally, the SCA is intended to help the inmate when they serve their time inside the prisons but with exceptions. It is designed to offer the programs to the inmates to successfully re-enter the community which aims to decrease the possibility of recidivism. There are at least 3 sections in the bill that states the amount of time that a prisoner should spend inside the prison. One of the sections directs the BOP to extend the time that the individual should spend in the halfway house for 6-12 months. However, the bill is not in any way requiring the BOP to provide every person with the complete 12 months. For the non-violent offenders, they also have a specialized program that is planned to reunite the family and elderly. Lastly, the Federal Second Chance Act is also slightly increasing the time that the federal sentence can be served through home confinement. Again, the BOP will not be required to provide the inmates with a time to serve their sentence in home confinement.

The funding for the Federal Second Chance Act will be allocated on the program designed for local re-entry, long-term juvenile and elderly offenders, and existing demonstration. Existing demonstration program may refer to experimental program that can take place in a restricted number of the inmates and aims to test whether the program will be effective or not. It can also be used in enhancing the mentoring and drug treatment program and to improve the re-entry of the federal inmate.

Under the Federal Second Chance Act, the statute concerning the halfway house placement has been clarified. It guarantees the consideration of an extensive placement; however, the act is also not requiring the BOP to place the prisoner in halfway house for an extensive time or for an earlier period. They are only directed to consider it and other conditions that may prepare the federal prisoners for their release.

To the inmates who want to take advantage of this program and who want to increase the likelihood of enjoying the benefits of the Federal Second Chance Act, a consultation from a law firm can help you. The legal assistance that they will provide should constitute elements which present the accurate and most recent situation of the inmate to the BOP and the judge. They should be able to communicate directly with the judge through all means possible such as telephone communication, inmate letters or by filing a detailed motion in front of the court to encourage them to recommend the highest possible home detention or halfway house placement.

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