The Use of RDAP Sentence Reduction Program

RDAP is a new rehabilitation program that aims to reduce each offender’s sentence and help him reenter the community. The Bureau of Prisons has recently created four programs much like RDAP, in order to assist this cause. This program can be applied to all nonviolent offenders and offer them up to 18 months’ sentence reduction. At the same time, this program is ideal in treating any abuse or drug and alcohol dependence the offender may have.

Program Specifications

This popular program can provide the inmate with a high-quality addiction treatment, the aforementioned sentence reduction as well as proper rehabilitation. Many eligible law firms can help an offender prepare for this program. Due to the program’s high demand, less than a quarter applicants finally are accepted to this program. Grab the opportunity to be released 18 months prior to the release date. This program will offer an eligible offender the chance to spend 6 months to a halfway house and even reduce his sentence up to 12 months.

Advantages of Program

Apart from all the time off the offender will receive to his sentence, this is a great opportunity for actual rehabilitation. Self-improvement can be achieved during the offender’s stay in the halfway house – An opportunity that was never given to him during the federal prison. If the offender is facing a major addiction, this RDAP Sentence Reduction program could really help. Research has shown that offenders that followed this program are more unlikely to return to a federal prison in the future.

Rehabilitation is very important, and as everyone knows cannot be achieved in a prison. Federal prisons, with the lack of expertise personnel and proper offenders’ education, fail to prepare an offender towards facing the community he has left behind. This is the reason most of the offenders cannot really rehabilitate and unable to do anything else end up in prison once more.

Offender’s Interview

In order for an offender to be eligible, a wide range of tests has to be completed. From psychological valuation to a personal interview, the offender has to prove that he is truly worthy of this high-quality program. No offender with former violent history will be taken into consideration. Official background check will be completed, in order to determine the offender’s former psychological state.

Moreover, the committee will have to learn all about the offender’s drug or alcohol addictions in order to be able to assess him in a better way. A complete history will be taken. Earn 12 months in your life, is not an easy job. However, with the correct preparation and an experienced lawyer, the offender could actually succeed.

This is a program that would absolute benefit every offender, especially younger ages with no prior history of any offence. Sentences with more than 37 months can truly receive a 12 months’ sentence reduction. 12 months are very important, especially for a man that has recently lost them.

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