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Wall Street Prison Consultants offers Trial Support, Prison Consultant, and Sentence Reduction services for those going through the Federal criminal judicial process and entering Federal Custody.

This page generally refers to the services we offer at the trial stage of a federal criminal proceeding. While we are not lawyers, we can legally explain to you the laws, what you are being charged with, and what the ramifications are of going to trial versus a plea agreement.

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Federal Court Trial Process Preparation

Everything after arrest in a federal case starts in the trial process. Your assigned Prison Consultant will explain in simple language the entire federal criminal court process identifying who the players are (Judge, Prosecutor, etc..) and what capacity they hold in the scheme of the following events and describe in detail what they are: Criminal Complaint, to Arrest, to Bail, to Indictment, to Plea Agreement, to PSR, to Sentencing and explain to you what happens at each step, what motions your lawyer should be filing and why.

Federal Indictment Review

Just because the U.S. Attorney charges a defendant with a crime doesn’t necessarily mean it is so. In reality the Government could charge a “Ham Sandwich” if it wanted to!

For this service we carefully examine the defendant’s indictment inaccuracies, and explain to them the criminal statues they are charged with, and make sure the charges and any monetary losses or drug quantities presented are accurate, and that the defendant has not been charged with additional crimes that possibly cannot be attributed to them.

If a Defendant has an Indictment that is inaccurate, it could lead to them being sentenced to additional time in custody or monetary fines or restitution.

Plea Agreement Review

We closely examine the Defendant’s Plea Agreement to ensure the crimes they are pleading out to are what they are accurately charged with in the Indictment, criminal complaint, or other charging document.

We have come across several cases where defendants made agreements to plead guilty to crimes, only to discover that errors were made by defense lawyers and federal prosecutors where multiple crimes were essentially piggy-backed to each other and exposed the defendant to addition time in custody!

PSR Preparation & Review

The PSR/PSI is one of the most important documents in a Defendant’s case. We coach our clients prior to them meeting with the Probation Officer to ensure they provide important information that can a positive effect on the amount of time they serve, and review the PSR after issuance to ensure the information is accurate.

Improperly listed Management Variables (MGTVs) and Public Safety Factors (PSFs) listed in an inmate’s PSR, can seriously affect institutional designation, custody & security level and entire term of incarceration. Each need to be professionally scrutinized and addressed, and

Wall Street Prison Consultants examines its clients PSR’s in detail to make sure the Federal Bureau of Prisons does not misclassify them. Having incorrect PSFs and MGTVs can also impact an inmate’s ability to request near-release prison transfers, furloughs, and RDAP placement.

While it’s impossible to guarantee placement in any given facility, Wall Street Prison Consultants can provide documentation from medical professionals, the Court, family members and a client’s legal team specifically to the BOP’s Designation Security Classification Center designed to influence a favorable designation.

Federal Inmate Prison Designation

A main concern of those going to prison is where they do their time, with the prison closest to their home normally being ideal. But that may not always be the case as going to the wrong type of prison can have serious ramifications on family visits, inmate jobs, education, and early release programs.

We educate our clients on different types of facilities and assist them in getting designated as close as possible to home, to a prison that meets their appropriate custody and security level. While the BOP tries to place inmates within 500 miles of home, overcrowding has rendered these policies virtually meaningless.

The Bureau of Prisons uses specific criteria to classify inmates to designated custody and security levels. The problem is, most attorneys and judges make no effort to determine what a defendant’s should be. They may have a good idea, but are often wrong. If a judge recommends an institution that doesn’t fit their criteria, the BOP will assign you wherever it sees fit, no matter the distance from home.

Our Consultants are experts at positioning our clients for favorable institutional designation and will work with your attorneys to obtain specific and properly justified Judicial Recommendations. We know what the Federal Bureau of Prisons Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC) in Grand Prairie, Texas look for with regards to inmate placement.

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