Social Security Administration (SSA OIG)

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SSA OIG – Social Security Administration 

The Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is a federal law enforcement agency and was established in 1995 as a result of the legislation of the Social Security Independence and Program Improvements Act of 1994. It is under the supervision of the Commission of the Social Security Administration and the objective of the department is to conduct investigations and audit to all matters involving the programs and operations of the Agency.

The SSA OIG is primarily involved in promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of the Social Security Administration programs. The department conducts investigations to identify potential weaknesses and violations of the SSA program and provide recommendations.

SSA OIG – Authority and Duties 

There are different duties that the Social Security Administration (SSA OIG) is allowed to perform by the law. Its special agents are responsible for conducting operations and activities within their authority, with the following duties:

  • Identifying fraud
  • Investigating the abuse, mismanagement and waste of the SSA programs and operations
  • To direct and supervise the auditing process and evaluation involving the transactions involving SSA programs
  • Report the weakness of the system and make recommendations for improvement and necessary corrective action
  • Serve as the OIG liaison to the Department of Justice
  • Promote economy and efficiency in the conduct of the implementation of the SSA program
  • To conduct intelligence investigation
  • Conduct research and analysis regarding disability issues and the susceptibility of the SSA programs to disability fraud

SSA OIG – Responsibilities

The Social Security Administration OIG is also responsible for the investigation of the following crimes and situations:

  • Fraudulent claims on Social Security benefits
  • Disability fraud
  • Failure to notify the SSA of the death of the beneficiary and continuously receiving the benefits through fraudulent means
  • Concealment in receiving disability benefits
  • Misuse benefits from the SSA programs
  • Residing overseas while receiving payment for the supplemental security income

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