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Second Chance Act

Federal Prison Early Release

The Second Chance Act is a (BOP) Federal Bureau of Prisons “Early Release Program” that was signed into law by President George Bush in August 2008.

In simple terms, the Second Chance Act allows the BOP to place an eligible inmate into a Halfway House / Re-Entry Center in a status called “Community Custody” for up to 12 months at the end of their sentence.

Many lies, rumors, and half-truths have been spread about the Second Chance Act since the day it passed. So I’m going to explain what it is, and how it gets Federal Inmates released early on home confinement.

First, l want to explain the mechanics of Inmate Release Dates and how they’re determined. It’s important you understand how it all works.

3 Kinds of Inmate Release Dates

After entering custody, federal inmates have 3 kinds of release dates determining when they can be set free:

Full Term Release Date

The Full Term release date is known by inmates as the “MR Date”. It’s the entire sentence, with NO GOODTIME and the Mandatory Release date when the BOP absolutely MUST release an inmate.

Even if the inmate was a disciplinary problem, and lost good-time, they cannot be held 1 day longer.

Good Conduct Time Release Date

The Good Conduct-Time release date is known to inmates as their “GCT Date” and is the release date WITH GOOD-TIME. After figuring out Good-Time, the BOP must release you on this date.

By law, the BOP must credit inmates 54 days a year Good Time towards their sentence.

Inmate’s getting in trouble or receiving disciplinary incident reports, can be subject to loss of Good-Time days.

Home Confinement Release Date

The Home Confinement release date is when an inmate can be transferred from a Halfway House to serving the rest of their sentence at home.

Although we cannot and will not make decisions for clients, we do bring relevant information to their attention that their lawyers, or most likely their paralegal may have over-looked that could have serious implications regarding the amount of time they end of being sentenced to, or being hit monetary fines or restitution.

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