Getting a Sentence Reduced Through RDAP

The Residential Drug Abuse Program is the most intense rehabilitation program that the Federal Bureau of Prison provides to prisoners in the federal system. The aim of this program is to rehabilitate the prisoner from substance abuse and by extension, reintegrate them as responsible members of the society after their prison sentence is served. A byproduct of taking on this program is that the inmate gets a RDAP sentence reduction from their jail term.

What is RDAP?

RDAP is an intensive six-week 500-hour program that helps to shape the cognitive behavior of prisoners in the federal system. The program is carried out within the prison. Prisoners have to enroll in order to be waitlisted for the program. This is because the program has a large number of willing participants who cannot all fit in every cycle of the program. The main reason as to why there is such a large number of willing participants is because of the RDAP sentence reduction afterwards.

It is important to note that not every inmate is eligible for the program. If you have committed violent crimes; forcible rape and child abuse, murder or aggravated assault, you cannot sign up for the program. In addition to this, to participate, you have to have a record of drug and substance abuse twelve months prior to the arrest of the current sentence that you are serving.

How Does RDAP Help?

RDAP helps in a number of ways. One of the common effects observed in a large percentage of those who go through and complete the program is the reduced likelihood that they will commit the crime that landed them in prison after release. The program links the process of negative thoughts, how they lead to negative actions and how to ensure that the former does not automatically mean the latter. This largely improves the cognitive behavior of those who have gone through the program.

Additionally, inmates are less likely to relapse back into substance abuse after going through the program. RDAP helps them to understand that they have a stake in societal norms and thus discourages them from crime and related activities.

One can note that the RDAP sentence reduction is not the only benefit of taking up the program. However, depending on how long you have, you can take the program and enjoy up to 12 months reduced on your prison sentence. Some people are only able to get on the list after they have less than 13 months on their sentence. They, therefore, end up getting time off for the months remaining after they have successfully completed the program.

Family and friends are urged to encourage their loved ones who might be in federal prison serving a sentence of more than nine months to take up the program. They not only get to enjoy the RDAP sentence reduction but also get to grow as responsible members of society. The prisoners will be able to reintegrate more seamlessly into the society and also have a better chance at getting employment once they are released. Taking on the program shows initiative as well as the willingness to reform.

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