Perjury Charges

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Liabilities For Perjury As Provided In 18 USC 1622

The perjury sanctioned under the 18 USC 1622 is one involving the inducement of another to commit an act that constitutes telling untruthful information before the court while under oath. This type of perjury is called subornation of perjury and to become guilty of the crime, it is important that the following elements are present:

  • The person willfully and intentionally gives a statement.
  • That the statement given is not true or false
  • That the statement is made under oath (may include any declaration, certification, and verification)
  • Such statement is a material declaration involving a case
  • And the statement is made before a judicial proceeding (in court or grand jury)

The individual involved in the investigation of perjury under 18 USC 1622 is the prosecutor. It is upon the prosecution to prove that such statement given meets the elements required for perjury. It is also incumbent upon the prosecution to show that the perjurer intentionally made the statement with the knowledge that the same is false. The prosecutor may also show evidence of conspiracy and can also prove that the act of perjury has resulted in an obstruction of justice that adversely affect the judicial proceeding and the prosecution of the case.

When guilty of perjury under 18 USC 1622, the penalty involves a fine or prison term of not more than five years or both. The federal sentencing guidelines for perjury may also impose a higher penalty if the consequence of the commission of perjury results in obstruction of justice. This usually occurs when the false statement is given during the course of an investigation or during a prosecution. The penalty of imprisonment may be increased with an additional of four more years, but usually not any more than that.

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