What Is Obstruction of Justice

Federal Obstruction of Justice Statute 18 USC § 1510


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Obstruction of Justice Charges

Obstruction of justice is punishable under the provision of 18 USC § 1510. The law dictates that the commission of the following acts can make you guilty of obstruction of justice:

  • Willful prevention of communicating relevant information involving the commission of a crime.
  • Delaying the conveyance of information relative to a crime from an investigating officer.
  • Preventing anyone with a valuable information about a crime to communicate it to the authorities.
  • The investigating officer to whom the communication is withheld must be authorized by his department in conducting the investigation.
  • Officers of a financial institution who notify a client whose records issubject to an investigation or relaying the content of the subpoena and the information that was provided in response to the subpoena.
  • Intent to delay or obstruct any judicial proceedings.

Obstruction of Justice Cases

Obstruction of justice is usually committed against a criminal investigator/s, judges, prosecutors, attorney generals, elective officers and such other persons who are involved in criminal investigations authorized by their department or agencies. The investigating bodies whose investigations were delayed or affected  can file charges against you for obstruction of justice under 18 USC § 1510.

Obstruction of Justice Penalties

The penalties involved will usually depend upon the kind of the criminal act involved. 18 USC § 1510 imposes to the offender the following penalties:

  • Imprisonment of not more than 1 year or a fine, sometimes both
  • Any officer of a financial institution who will notify a customer regarding any information related to the subpoena issued againstthe person or whose record is being investigated.
  • Imprisonment of not more than 5 years or a fine or both may be imposed.
  • Relative to the other acts provided in the commission of obstruction of justice, the penalty is

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