Q: How long can you expect to wait before you get into the RDAP program?

A: Going back to 2008, the typical wait list has been as much as 7,000 inmates and a few inmates could get their full time off because of the wait list.  Since then, due to new admissions eligibility rules were implemented in 2009, most RDAP facilities have no wait list and inmates can receive their full reduction of their sentence to be eligible for early release.  This is a result of more stringent admission rules for RDAP that was put in place, and fewer than 10% of RDAP applicants are able to get in.

A judge can only recommend a prisoner for RDAP and the prisoner must still meet the eligibility requirements to be able to be admitted.  Most inmates with a judge’s orders are disregarded by the BOP due to the inmate not having the required documentation.  Most inmates get to prison thinking that they are already eligible and then they find out that their substance abuse documentation is filled out incorrectly.  At that time, it is too late to chance and the majority of the applicants will fall into that category and typically are quiet upset when they are rejected.  When you are working with your attorney or consultant it is important to get the paperwork filled out correctly.

Q: Once approved when can you expect to get into the RDAP program?

A: Most RDAP facilities are run slightly different, you need to be within 48 to 60 months of release to apply to RDAP.  After you are admitted, your start date depends on how long the wait list is, and inmates that have an earlier release date are given higher priority.  Since 2012, as a result of the more stringent eligibility and admission guidelines, majority of the inmates starting early and are getting their full sentence reduction for early release.

Q: Would I have had to sell or use drugs to get into RDAP?

A: The short answer is no.  The drug crime doesn’t necessarily have to be a deciding factor in your eligibility to get into the RDAP program.  But you do have to meet the following:

  1. You must prove that you had a substance abuse disorder within twelve months prior to being arrested or your indictment whichever is earlier
  2. You will need volunteer and sign the necessary program admission paperwork
  3. You have enough time in your sentence so that you can complete the whole RDAP program
  4. You need to have enough time to complete add three phases of the program, have the mental ability to do so and you must be able to be sent into a halfway house
  5. If it is determined that you are eligible for the RDAP program, but you were not approved for the time off, you can still graduate from RDAP and at the very least get the 6 month program into the halfway house

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