Dear Counselor

My name is Larry Levine. I’m a former federal inmate and Certified Professional Life Coach. From 1998 to 2007 I served a 10-year Federal sentence at 11 correctional institutions throughout five states at various custody levels. Before entering custody, I operated a private investigation firm in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. I’m now Director and Founder of Los Angeles Prison Consultants and Wall Street Prison Consultants and Coaching.

Having worked with many lawyers, I know your time’s valuable, so I’ll keep this short and to the point! My primary service is coaching defendants surrendering into the BOP and teaching defendants about inmate programs and policies. I may also be able to help them reduce their time in custody.

Prisons can be dangerous places. A Defendant’s knowledge about prison policies, gangs, staff interactions, and prison politics is key to surviving behind the fence and returning home safely.

Wall Street Prison Consultants is comprised of retired Federal Bureau of Prisons staff and former federal inmates. Our experts have extensive knowledge of Federal Laws, and how they apply to the workings of the BOP.

By working with law firms, we help defendants in the Following areas:

BOP RDAP Early Release;
2nd Chance Act Extra Halfway House
Facility Designation
Prison Survival Tactics
Prison Consultants Help

Many defendants are often confused listening to family members and others tell them what will happen to them inside. Questions often come up whether hiring a prison consultant and prison coach is helpful at all. While everyone has opinions, they’re not typically qualified opinions? Once sentenced, it’s the defendant’s freedom and safety at stake, with everyone else’s well-meaning opinions being worthless!

When going to prison, knowledge is key! Hiring a prison consultant with facts and experience, can be the difference between early release and unnecessary time in custody.

When the media needs information on Federal Prison, Larry Levine is the one the contact. If you GOOGLE “Larry Levine Prison,” you’ll see I’m indexed several thousand times as contributor and source to the following news organizations:

Fox News
Wall Street Journal
New York Times
New York Post
Los Angeles Times
Forbes Magazine
People Magazine
Washington Post

I stand ready to assist you and your clients in making their transition from the free world to federal custody. For additional information on my services please contact me directly on my cell at 213-219-9033 or by email at