Medical Care Requests

The Bureau of Prisons is known for the minimal medical care it provides inside normal institutions. This can be as simple as denying an inmate a CPAP breathing machine, or giving them the proper medication they need. If your incarcerated loved one is not receiving proper medical attention, obtaining it is the most important goal Wall Street Prison Consultants provides.

There are specific institutions inside the BOP that only exist as constant care medical facilities. Getting your incarcerated loved one to one of these institutions initially, or garnering a transfer to one, can help ensure they come home as healthy as possible.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons operates several Federal Medical Centers outside the routine medical care it provides inmates inside its facilities. If you have a family member or friend being held in a BOP institution who is not receiving proper medical care, contact us now and we can begin the administrative remedy process and contact elected officials on your behalf to ensure your loved ones get the care they need.

Although we cannot and will not make decisions for clients, we do bring relevant information to their attention that their lawyers, or most likely their paralegal may have over-looked that could have serious implications regarding the amount of time they end of being sentenced to, or being hit monetary fines or restitution.

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