Learn All About Federal RDAP Program and Help Your Loved Ones 

If you or a family member or a friend is a federal prisoner, you can learn more about this program.  RDAP (Residential Drug Abuse Program) is a 500-hour, 6-month rehab program.  To be able to enroll into the program, they must be eligible.  To determine eligibility, a committee will decide if an inmate can take part of the program.  The RDAP program can give the inmate time off in addition to good behavior.

The United States Federal Bureau of Prisons administers and it is widely considered the only program where a federal inmate can earn additional time off their sentence.  The RDAP program has been proven over a period of a time to be an efficient and productive program that offers long term solutions to help federal inmates.

Eligible Offenders

Federal RDAP is only for federal offenders, the exceptions though are high security prisoners.  If an offender is deemed eligible for RDAP, they then can get released early as early as 12 months early.  The other benefits are that the inmate learns new life skills, get better jobs, better health, lower chances of committing a crime and become a productive member of society.  Not only does the inmate benefit from the program, society benefits as well.  Less crime, better communication skills, less of a burden on society.

Waiting List

RDAP has an extensive waiting list, and the reasons as to why are that the program is extremely sufficient, and as a result that has created is long waiting time period.  As a result of the waiting list, inmates have a variety of time off eligibility.  It can range from 6 months to as much as a year, it all is based on how much time is left on an inmate’s sentence.

Early Release Amount

If an inmate has 37 months left in their sentence then they are eligible to receive up to 12 months off.  31 to 36 months then they can get 9 months off, and offenders with less than 31 months left on their sentence they can have up to 6 months reduced.  Most inmates though typically don’t get the full sentence reduction and the average reduction is 9 months.


Most offenders are not qualified to join the program, mostly due to the severity of their crime.  Typically, violent offenders are not eligible, nor are child sexual abuse, possessing firearms and weapons are also ineligible.  Some other disqualifications are if an inmate has pending charges and warrants within the state prison system.

To learn more about the federal RDAP program CLICK HERE or you can call 855-577-4766