(IRS) Internal Revenue Service – CID


Internal Revenue Service CID

The Internal Revenue Service CID (Criminal Investigation Division) is the investigative body that deals with felonies involving the violation of the US Internal Revenue Code. Its main objective is to protect and maintain the integrity of the US tax system. The department used to be an Intelligence Unit created by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue in 1919. Because of their prominent investigative skills with highly trained special agents, the department was duly organized to become the Criminal Investigation department of the US Internal Revenue Service in 1978. Its statutory jurisdiction usually concur with the other investigative federal agencies to assist them in their investigations. However, the IRS CID retains its exclusive jurisdiction to investigate crimes related to the Internal Revenue Code.

IRS CID – Powers

The Internal Revenue Service CID is vested with various powers and authorities granted by the law, including the authority of its special agents to carry firearms. The primary weapons issued to its special agents as side arms are the Glock 22,23 or 27. They can also carry the AR-15 rifles and Remington 870 shotguns. Its powers and duties include the following:

  • Conduct investigation of individuals or corporations suspected of violating the Internal Revenue Code
  • Recommend prosecution to the Department of Justice
  • Assist in the investigations conducted by the other federal or state agencies
  • Utilize forensic technology in investigating financial crimes
  • Recover evidence and financial data

IRS CID – Responsibilities

The authority of the Internal Revenue Service CID was expanded in acquiring jurisdiction to investigate crimes outside of the violations of the Internal Revenue Code. These crimes that the agency may also investigate include:

  • Tax fraud
  • Crimes Related to the violation of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Money laundering
  • Crimes violating the Bank Secrecy Law
  • Narcotics related financial crimes
  • Counterterrorism financing
  • Legal tax source crimes
  • Illegal sources of financial crimes
  • Currency crime violations

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