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The first group of “Client Testimonials” are of defendants who hired Larry Levine’s services, the second group entitled “Federal Inmate Testimonials” are from people he actually served time with at various institutions. The third group are Female Inmates Holli Coulman helped out at Wall Street Prison Consultants sister compamy Pink Lady Prison Consultants. 


I contacted Larry 5 years ago in a panic looking at 46 months for wire and mail fraud. It was Saturday morning 9 A.M. Eastern Time and Larry was on the West Coast. When he answered his phone it impressed me on how much he cares about his clients.

His knowledge was invaluable and with his help I was able to enter a BOP program and only served 13 months in custody. After spending $15,000 on lawyers, Larry did far more to get me thru my stay in federal prison then my lawyer. I have remained friends with him over the years and have called on him many times for advice. In short I now call Larry a friend. If you’re in trouble, Larry is your man. Thanks Larry for all your help.

Charles Burke 97490-004 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

My family hired Larry Levine as our federal prison consultant. He consistently advised us during the entire court/prison process, and even helped me during my supervised release. Larry acted as a friend to my family during this hard time.

He knows more about the Federal Criminal Judicial Process and Federal Prison System, then anyone I have ever met including my lawyers. He is honest respectful and always makes time for his clients. Thanks for being there for me and my family Larry.

Alan Sawaya – 68734-053 – Manhattan, New York

I’d like to give insight on the service Larry Levine provided during my criminal case with the U.S. Department of Justice. Although I had one of the best attorneys in the country, Larry’s knowledge of U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and input of what to expect in a Federal Prison was priceless!

He had put my mind at ease, and told me what to expect, He tells it like it is, the facts, no sugar coating, that’s what we need in these times of turbulence. Had I found him earlier, I could have saved at least $100,000 dollars, with the same results as my attorney negotiated for me. I have followed Larry since my release, and I am always impressed by his actions and results that he candidly gives people and his clients or the news media.

If you get into trouble with the Feds, or think you’re about to, don’t wait call him! The knowledge he gives you will be priceless! It would be a honor, to be in any circle Mr Levine is a part of!

Tom Russo – 35523-054 – Wilmington, North Carolina

Larry’s been helping me for over two years after I spent and wasted over $45,000 on private lawyers in just 2 months. I had to request a public defender after I ran out of money, and the lawyers didn’t really understand my case, but Larry did….fast! If you find yourself facing the D.O.J. call Larry Levine.

Don’t wait until your sentencing is pending, or you’re getting ready to report for prison. Call Larry before you pick up the phone to call a lawyer. Larry will give you information that either your lawyer doesn’t know, or is not willing to tell you. You can read the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, but that is not how the system works. Larry knows the system inside and out.

His support has helped me get through a stressful and difficult time. There is no way any attorney can know everything. But having Larry on my side to bounce things off of, and have him explain things to me in terms that I could understand, has made things a lot less scary. My case has been a long one, and his knowledge and his support have been invaluable. Larry is helps his clients balance the scales of justice.

Mary Mooney – 02148-104 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Larry Levine did a great job helping our family with my criminal case. I called other consultants that “claim” to do what he does, but they made promises I knew they couldn’t keep, as well as charging enormous fees. When I was at my wits end emotionally and physically, I called Larry. I knew in the first minute that he was the right guy.

His fee was more than fair and he started on my case in the nick of time. After reviewing my Pre-Sentencing Report, he found huge mistakes in my Plea Agreement and Indictment that my Federal attorney’s somehow missed. He immediately wrote a letter which I then sent to my attorneys advising them of the errors. My lawyer’s claimed Larry was wrong, not wanting to admit to their own mistakes, but in the end Larry was 100% accurate!

I was a defendant in the high profile Silk Road case, and with the help of Larry was the only person charged that DIDN’T go to prison. In the beginning I was looking at 40 years, but with Larry’s guidance, I was given a very light sentence of time served, which amounted to 20 hours. Thanks Larry for everything. I honestly know I’d be in prison right now without your help.

Curtis Green – Salt Lake City, Utah


When I was sentenced to seventy months in Federal Prison was shocked, my overpriced lawyer who told me I’d get probation dumbfounded, and my wife was panic-stricken. We made phone calls, searched the Internet, and found practically no useful information about the BOP.

When I self-surrendered, they put me in with killers, bank robbers, and other violent hardcore felons. As a first-time white-collar inmate doing time for sending a fax…I could of been killed. When I got to the BOP and met Levine, the education he gave me about the BOP was priceless. I only wish I could’ve taken his program before I came in. I can’t thank Levine enough for the peace of mind he’s given me and my family. I’d recommend his services to anyone.

Daniel Berardi – 28048-112 Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud – Boston, MA.

When I arrived at the Federal Prison in El Paso, my counselor calmly asked me if I knew anyone there. When I mentioned Levine’s name, he flew from his seat shouting, “Look…we don’t want any trouble here.” Levine’s reputation helping inmates’ deal with problems on the inside’s unsurpassed. Take it from me, just mentioning his name can put staff on edge.

Michael Cosand – 10602-085  Mail Fraud, Tax Fraud – Lake Havasu, AZ.

Levine’s superiority reigns supreme. In the uncertain world of incarceration, Levine’s unique insight into the Federal System truly equals the playing field for you and your family. His knowledge of BOP Policies, Federal Criminal Law, and his ability to tackle the real issues of being incarcerated are simply amazing. I’m forever indebted to Levine for his tireless efforts. His services are priceless.

Mike Freedman – 29463-112 Wire Fraud, Money Laundering – Santa Monica, CA.

When it comes to knowing the Federal System, Levine’s the most qualified person I’ve ever met; on either side of the wall. At times, I witnessed in utter amazement, him intentionally make himself a thorn in the BOP’s side, leaving them frustrated and powerless to stop him. If facing Federal Custody…don’t pass up a chance to learn from the master.

John Garitta – 83118-198  Tax Fraud, Money Laundering – San Diego, CA.

After wasting hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on a so called All Star Criminal defense team…I met Levine. His insight and vast knowledge of the BOP and Criminal Justice System would have saved me years of stress and anxiety; and provided me with valuable guidance that could’ve knocked years off my sentence. I’ve been in the Feds for over four years and dealt with hundreds of inmates, but Levine’s the only one I’ve met who really knows what he’s talking about.

Stephen Gordon – 20464-112 – Bank Fraud – Encino, CA

Two thumbs up for Levine! With the tenacity of a bulldog, he single-handedly took on the BOP by exposing and bringing to JUSTICE their blatant disregard in following their own policies. If I had to do it all over again…taking Levine’s course would be NUMBER 1 on my list.

Richard Gregg – 33244-086 Mail Fraud, Embezzlement – Seattle, WA

Had Levine’s program been available to me before I’d entered custody, I’d have saved months of stress and tension; not gone through the anguish of the unknown; and had all the mental tools to handle all the problems I’ve encountered since entering Federal Prison. I recommend his course to anyone entering Federal Custody.

Harvey Kuiken-32874-086 Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud, Money Laundering – Seattle, WA

The Kryptonite giving anaphylactic shock to the BOP’s called Larry Levine. With the fearlessness of a Rottweiler on steroids, Levine understands the BOP’s weaknesses as they apply their own misguided regulations on their captive Federal Prison population. BY peeling away the double-speak of the BOP’s Guidelines, Levine provides inmates, who’ve been wronged, an effective legal avenue to get back justice for their individual problems.

Mark Little M.D. – 25094-112  Medicare Fraud – Orange County, CA

Having already spent nine years in Federal Prison, I wish I’d known Levine early in my imprisonment. His vast and detailed knowledge of BOP Policy and Procedure would have been an immense help in making my life easier behind bars. In addition, he could have helped me avoid unreasonable, and sometimes in my opinion, illegal pressures by BOP Staff.

To go with knowledge, Levine has the willingness and valor to go against what would seem to an ordinary inmate insurmountable odds to help his fellow inmates. He simply will not be bluffed, cowed, or otherwise intimidated, because he has knowledge, experience, and  the will to fight on his side.

Jamie Torres – 76469-079  Money Laundering, Narcotics Trafficking – Mc Allen, TX.

Holli Coullman Testimonials

Federal Prison Consultant Services can run the gamut of pre-incarceration and post-incarceration services depending on their level of experience and the extent of what they choose to offer. I would advocate the selection of Wall Street Prison Consultants and Pink Lady Prison Consultants as they offer a full suite of services for long-term case understanding and continuity. I was grateful to have found them as they helped minimize the amount of time I was given for my sentence while keeping me sane through the process.

Mavis Juarez – 12175-029 – Narcotics Trafficking – Sioux City, Iowa

I am a woman who is facing a prison sentence and who had been looking for information on the Internet about what happens after one pleads guilty, what steps are to come and most importantly what my future may hold. As a female I was looking for information about women who had gone through the process and wanted to see what happened to them. What I found was minimal and depressing.

Then I found Holli Coulman at Pink Lady Prison Consultants and I was relieved to see the programs and advice that was available specifically for women! I decided to call and I was immediately put in touch with a Consultant who helped put together a plan after I explained my circumstances. Not only did they help me navigate the process, they provided the emotional support and guidance. They made everything less frightening. Pink Lady Prison Consultants has been a saving grace to me. I urge you to call to get the straight answers as to what is going to happen and a plan to help yourself. Thanks Pink Lady!

Linda Taylor – 46510-048 – Wire Fraud – Henderson, Nevada

I wish Wall Street Prison Consultants and Pink Lady Prison Consultants had been available to me before I’d entered custody. When it comes to knowing what women face in the Federal System, the Consultant’s at Pink Lady are the most qualified I’ve ever met; even while I have been incarcerated they have been able to help me develop a post incarceration plan. Please don’t pass up a chance to work with them before you reach this stage as they will arm you with the tools you will need to survive and make it back to your life. Thank you Pink Lady Prison Consultants.

Christy Sensenich – 12563-091 – Narcotics Trafficking – Evansville, Wyoming

Although we cannot and will not make decisions for clients, we do bring relevant information to their attention that their lawyers, or most likely their paralegal may have over-looked that could have serious implications regarding the amount of time they end of being sentenced to, or being hit monetary fines or restitution.

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