ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement 

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ICE Immigration Customs enforcement

ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement 

ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement was established upon the merging of the US Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service in 2003 and now has become one the investigative and enforcement agencies under the Homeland Security agency. ICE enforces the laws on border control, including the enforcement of immigration laws on trade and customs. Its primary components include two departments, namely the Enforcement and Removal Operations and the Homeland Security Investigations.

ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement – Authority

Immigration Customs Enforcement agency Special Agents enforce immigration laws in the United States. Its authority, duties and powers include the following:

  • Interrogating aliens regarding their rights to stay in the United States
  •  Arrest, even without a warrant, any alien who, in the agent’s presence  is violating or about to violate the immigration laws of the United States
  • Board and search any alien on plane, boats or vehicles that are within the territorial waters of the US
  • Make an arrest on anyone committing an offense involving a violation of any law pertaining to the admission and expulsion of aliens
  • To arrest anyone committing any federal offense that is committed in the presence of the ICE agents.
  • Carry firearms and execute orders or serve warrants and subpoena.
  • Authority to administer an oath and take evidence
  • Detain aliens who violates the law on controlled substances
  • Deport aliens who are wanted for a crime in other countries

ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement – Responsibilities

In performing its duties, ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducts the investigations involving the cross border crimes such as the following:

  • Terrorism
  • Smuggling
  • Human rights violations
  • Art theft
  • Drugs trafficking
  • Arms trafficking
  • Cross border financial crimes like money laundering
  • Transnational gang
  • Counterfeit pharmaceutical Trafficking
  • Trafficking of goods and merchandise

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