What Are Forgery Charges

Federal Forgery Statute 18 USC § 514 



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Forgery Charges

Under the law, defrauding another using fictitious obligation constituting forgery is punishable under the provision of 18 USC § 514. Forgery is defined as the act imitating objects or documents that will cause to deceive others. The punishable acts that are deemed unlawful and where liability arises from the Code constitutes the following:

  • The intention to defraud another
  • Fraudulent acts involving the printing, drawing, processing, publishing or making in order to deceive another
  • Passing, uttering, issuing, selling, and presenting such things that will defraud another
  • Utilizing foreign commerce using wire communication or mail, radio and other forms of electronic communication in order to send forged, false and fictitious documents or financial instruments or forms of securities

The provision of 18 USC § 514 provides that the United States Secret Service is authorized to conduct an investigation for potential forgery and fraudulent activities being committed in violation of this part of the US Code.

Forgery Penalties

The imposed penalties for forgery widely vary from one state to another in the United States. The sanctions may include the following:

  • Probation
  • Community service if the forgery committed is considered as a misdemeanor offense
  • Payment of a fine in varying amounts depending on the value of the object in issue in the forgery and the extent of injury caused by the crime to another. Some states impose a ceiling on the amount involved with a corresponding amount of fine.
  • The number of years of imprisonment also varies depending upon the extent of the amount involved and the nature of the offense committed using forgery
  • Some states determine the extent of penalties to impose based on the type of document forged, such as whether the instrument forge is a stock, bond, securities, public records, or other types of forged documents

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