What Is Embezzlement

Federal Embezzlement Statute 18 USC § 641


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Federal Embezzlement Charges

The provisions of 18 USC 641-649 constitute different forms of embezzlement. The following are the descriptions of each crime punished under this section of the code:

  • The embezzlement of public funds, public property or money in general
  • The unlawful use of tools or materials for counterfeiting
  • The use of public funds by a public officer without the authority and the failure to render an accounting for the same
  • The unauthorized deposit of public money to a bank that accepts the same
  • The act of embezzlement committed by court officers in general
  • Failure of a court officer to deposit money promptly to the court registry
  • Receiving knowingly from a court officer any money belonging to the court registry as a deposit or a loan
  • Misusing public funds by its custodian
  • Failure of the custodian of public funds to remit the same to the treasury

Federal Embezzlement Cases

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is responsible for the investigation of all types of fraud, theft and embezzlement under 18 USC 641-649. The bureau usually takes the investigation of embezzlement occurring in banking institutions involving its officers and employees, the embezzlement of pension, union and welfare funds. The US Secret Service, on the other hand, takes their investigation within the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) level. Their investigation of embezzlement involves the misapplication of funds by the FDIC employees.

Federal Embezzlement Penalties

The penalties imposed under the provisions of 18 USC 641-649 greatly vary depending upon the type of the embezzlement committed. Generally, the penalties involve the following:

  • Payment of a fine
  • Imprisonment
  • Community confinement
  • Forfeiture of the proceeds of the crime
  • Home detention
  • Restitution of the embezzled fund
  • Supervised release
  • The penalty is reduced when the defendant cooperates with the prosecution of the crime

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