A Guide on Second Chance Act Early Release

SCA also known as Second Chance Act is a legislation that was enacted by Pres. George Bush last 2008. It is one of the programs of the BOP (Bureau of Prison) that aims to decrease the incarceration time of the prisoners. This is also directing but not requiring the BOP to ensure that the prisoner spends their final months of their imprisonment at the halfway house of equivalent facility with appropriate conditions. The goal of this program is to provide the prisoner with a time to adjust and successfully re-enter the local community.

The Pre-Release Process under the SCA

Section 3621 of the Second Chance Act Early Release states that BOP should consider different factors when making decisions on designations, particularly on the pre-release process. Some of the factors include the statement of the sentencing court which concerns the purpose of their facility recommendation and their sentence, the circumstances related with the offense and the characteristic and the history of the inmate. In addition, the BOP staff should also take the operations memoranda and the Program Statement into account. It should also include the accessible halfway house space, the quality of the community and the family and their conduct during their terms in confinement. All in all, these factors are designed to minimize any risk related to recidivism.

There are instances when the inmate will be excluded from this pre-release program. But during the normal circumstance, most offenders will enjoy the benefit of the Second Chance Act Early Release. The BOP normally tries to limit the placement of the offenders during the last 6 months of their sentence. In order to help the offender in receiving the highest possible placement time, you have to ask the court to recommend the pre-release placement in the order.

In addition, there are three parts stated under the law which affects the length of time that an offender has to spend inside the prison. Take note, this will only affect the offenders in the federal and not the state. The Second Chance Act Early Release lengthened the time that an individual can be ensured for a consideration on a halfway house. Next, the SCA program also comes with the pilot program that provides a certain relief to a restricted number of inmates. Lastly, the SCA also increased the amount of federal prisoners that can consider for home confinement.

In case you want to take advantage of this act, a legal consultation through a law firm can help you. They will be able to tell you and the offender about the things that they need to do and other important matters that can increase the possibility of acquiring a home confinement through the Second Chance Act Early Release. The legal firm that you will hire should have the ability to provide the BOP with the accurate and most current information regarding the related conditions and circumstances. Some of them are also prepared to go beyond their duty; they would even check the availability of the bed space and keep track of the progression of the offender on the system.

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