Learn about Second Chance Act Early Release Program

SCA is a program of the Bureau of Prisons that has the ability to help offenders reduce their sentence. This program has been created by a law signed in 2008. This law states that a prisoner may spend a portion of the final months, no longer than 12 months, in a halfway house. This way the offender can prepare and adjust before reentering the community.

Prior Laws and Adjustments

Before this law could be signed, the former state was clearly mentioning that an offender with 24 months’ sentence may receive up to 2.4 months in the halfway house. With this new law, the offender may receive up to 12 months reduction and/or some home detention. The Second Chance Act Early Release Program ensures that the Bureau of Prisons will consider halfway house placement for all eligible offenders.

Course of Action

An offender will need some legal advice so that he is able to take advantage of this program. In order to be eligible, it will take some research, document placement, and communication. The lawyer will prepare the supporting case in which the eligibility of the offender stands. The Bureau of Prisons has provided two different memorandums, where several important guidelines are mentioned.

Offender’s Actions

The offender will be presented in front of the committee. It is best to seek professional advice, in order to determine what to do and say. All of the offender’s actions will be taken into consideration, prior to reaching a verdict. Therefore, every little detail counts. The offender must be properly introduced to the committee and make a good impression, in order to win his position to a halfway house for the longest he can.

Final Steps

After this, a file will be created most likely by the offender’s lawyer. This file will be sent to all the Bureau of Prisons members in order to make their decision. This procedure could last for a couple of weeks. After the verdict, the offender will receive his positive or negative answer. If the answer is positive, then the time period of the offender’s time in halfway house will be announced.

At the same time, the offender can also apply for a home detention, during the same process. This could be decided at the same time, so as for the offender to have a clear idea about the way he is going to complete the rest of the sentence.

The Idea behind the Law

As with any other law that protects and offers alternatives to offenders, they have been created during the last years. Their goal is to create a safe environment, in which each offender has the opportunity to rehabilitate months before he can enter the community. This way he will have a true chance of creating a new life and avoid being persecuted in the future.

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