Learn All About Federal RDAP Program and Help Your Beloved One 

If you or a close one is a federal offender, you can make use of this program. Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program is a 500-hour, six-month rehabilitation program. All offenders that want to enroll in this program have to be eligible. Therefore, a committee will decide if an offender can participate in this program. This program can really offer the offenders additional time off, apart from the ‘’good time’’.

This program was administrated by United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, and it is considered the only program where a federal offender can receive additional reduction to his sentence. This program has been proven greatly efficient in reducing any prison misconduct.

Eligible Offenders

Federal RDAP program is available for all federal offenders, except for high-security inmates. If the committee decides the offender is eligible, then he may benefit from it with an early release up to twelve months prior to his regular sentence. Additionally, the offender will benefit from the house confinement of six months at the end of his sentence. During the last ten percent of the offender’s sentence, the program initiates.

Waiting List

This program is so sufficient and famous that there is actually a significant waiting time period for every offender. The high demand, along with the insufficient spots available, has led to a large waiting list. This is the main reason why offenders receive different time off. For example, if an offender has 12 months left on his sentence, he will receive only six months off his sentence. Considering the time period requested for the program [6 months], this is perfectly understandable.

Early Release Amount

If an offender serves a 37 months sentence, then he can receive up to 12 months off with this program. If an offender serves 31-36 months, then he can only receive 9 months reduction. The offenders with fewer than 31 months’ sentence may only receive 6 months reduction. However, all offenders are most likely to receive less than their righteous sentence reduction, due to the program’s high demand. In an average score, most offenders receive 9 months reduction.


Many offenders are disqualified from this program. This is often due to the violent nature of their crimes. Committee disqualifies anyone that has a felony conviction related to robbery, assault or rape. Child sexual-abuse is without question a reason for an offender to be disqualified. The possession of firearms and weapons is often the reason why many offenders cannot enter the program, either.

In other cases, a disqualification may come from pending state charges or warrants. The offender has, of course, the right to apply for this program, whether he is considered eligible or not. Either way, this is great motivation for offenders to try and win their freedom ahead of time.

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