USDA Department of Agriculture OIG Special Agents

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USDA OIG – Department of Agriculture 

The Inspector General Act of 1978 established the USDA OIG Office of Inspector General of the Department of Agriculture. The Department of Agriculture OIG has various headquarters across the United States and its main objective is to ensure the proper audit and implementation of the programs of the Department of Agriculture. The office of the inspector general is responsible for the conduct of investigations involving Food Stamp Fraud and acts committed in violation of the lawful implementation of the Department of Agriculture programs.


As the law enforcement agency, the USDA OIG Department of Agriculture OIG has special agents who are authorized to perform certain duties, powers and authorities, among which include the following:

  • Authority to make arrests
  • Execute a warrant of arrest
  • Conduct search on premises
  • Seizure of evidence
  • Carry firearms
  • Conduct undercover operations
  • Conduct surveillance operations
  • Work with the department’s management team to reinforce an effective means of detecting fraud and abuse involving the department’s programs
  • Report to the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture and Congress
  • Conduct audit to review the program systems
  • Assess vulnerabilities of the department programs
  • Audit insurance and deficiency payments and retailer food stamp redemptions.
  • Participate in the efforts of multiple agency projects involving fraud investigations
  • Carry firearms

USDA OIG – Responsibilities

The USDA OIG Department of Agriculture OIG primarily conducts investigations involving various activities constituting as a violation of the federal laws and commission of the following crimes:

    • Fraud in subsidy
    • Assaults and threats on the department’s employees
    • Price support and insurance benefits
    • Theft involving government properties
    • Activities that are hazardous to public health and safety
    • Tampering of goods approved by the USDA
    • Terrorism activities involving industries regulated by the USDA
    • Fraud, abuse and waste of the USDA projects and programs
    • Extortion
    • Bribery
    • Trafficking of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    • Smuggling

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