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Hi, I’m Prison Consultant Larry Levine. I know Federal Prison, and what people entering custody go through, because I’ve been there. If you’re afraid, and the thought of going to prison scares the hell out of you, you’re not alone, because prisons are dangerous places, and having knowledge about prison policies, prison gangs, and the politics of prison life, are the keys to surviving successfully on the inside and coming home safely.

Wall Street Prison Consultants was founded by former 10-year Federal Inmate Larry Jay Levine. He’s now Director of Wall Street Prison Consultants and Coaching, and has been a contributor to CNN, Fox, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and several major news organizations providing expert information on Federal Prison and what people experience when incarcerated.

Larry Jay Levine Arrest

Hi, I’m Larry Levine. Before I entered federal custody, I was a Private Investigator in Los Angeles, California. My prison consultant career began in 1998 when I was arrested by a FBI-Secret Service led Organized Crime Task Force, and charged with racketeering, securities fraud, obstruction of justice and narcotics trafficking.

I served time at and survived 11 federal correctional institutions of multiple custody & security levels, and experienced firsthand the confusion and dangers first time offender’s face when entering federal custody. After I was arrested, I was in the same position prison bound people face today. I was scared and confused; and overwhelmed by a Criminal Justice System I knew little about with no idea what expect, no one to turn to, and was on my own!

Prison Consultant Larry Levine Detention & Sentencing

For my first 21 months, I was held at the high-rise Federal Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in downtown Los Angeles. While at MDC, I began helping inmates in their defense, by reviewing proprietorial discovery for inaccuracies, researching case law, Indictments, PSR’s and Plea Agreements, and explaining criminal defense strategies and possible sentencing departures.

Larry Jay Levine Custody Experience

On my day of sentencing, the Judge slammed down his gavel, had me chained and shackled and sentenced me to two, 10 year concurrent terms in Federal Prison. Over the next decade, I was shuttled off between HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, and MINIMUM security federal institutions.

In my travels, I saw people, regular people just like you, being given the run-around and being fed misinformation by predatory inmates and uncaring BOP Staff. The BOP, like all federal bureaucracies, operates with its very own complex set of rules called “Program Statements.”

The only problem is, BOP Staff routinely fail to follow them, and make up rules at whim…creating additional chaos and confusion in inmates lives. Over the years, as I traveled from one dysfunctional prison to another, I opened my eyes, and taught myself the SYSTEM and learned how to fight back and win by working within the rules.

Larry Jay Levine Custody Experience

While serving time in several Federal Prisons, Private Correctional Institutions, and Jails throughout a 5 state area, I helped inmates file Habeas Corpus petitions, get federal sentence reductions, medical care, transfers, job changes, extra halfway house, furloughs, visitation, and deal with BOP Staff and internal policy issues while I continued self-educate myself in Criminal Law.

In 2005, while being held at the Federal Prison in Las Vegas, Nevada, I and several hundred white-collar inmates were moved to the gang-infested higher security La Tuna Federal Prison in El Paso, on the Texas-Mexican border.

I now assist defendants entering Federal Custody with prison designation assistance, prison survival programs, and early releases. Contact me directly at 213-219-9033 for immediate assistance!

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Levine Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Federal Bureau of Prisons

While at FCI La Tuna, Texas, I single-handedly, filed a Class Action Habeas Corpus petition in El Paso Federal Court against the Department of Justice and Bureau of Prisons, claiming they had violated their own administrative policies by sending the transferred inmates to higher custody.

Due to my actions, the DOJ was forced to act, and transferred hundreds of prisoners from Texas back to the West Coast to conform to my lawsuit’s claims.

Forms Wall Street Prison Consultants

The idea to start Wall Street Prison Consultants was not mine, but inmates sentenced for white collar and drug crimes I served time with. They were good people just like you. People who made a few poor decisions and got caught up in bad situations.

Upon release, I started Wall Street Prison Consultants. My prison consultant team now coaches clients surrendering into the BOP with prison survival guidance using the Fedtime 101 program, along with prison designation assistance, and helps defendants gain entry in the RDAP Early Release Program and assisting inmates Second Chance Act extra halfway house reentry center placement.

While others may claim to be the “The Best Prison Consultant or Top Prison Consultant”, my track record of helping defendants and fighting for inmates rights began while still in custody on the inside!

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