What Is Bribery

Federal Bribery Statute 18 USC § 201


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Federal Bribery Charges

The intent of the provision under 18 USC § 201 is to impose prohibitions involving two acts constituting bribery. It is unlawful to commit the following acts that may result in the punishment of the giver and the receiver of the bribe.

  • As to the giver, there must be a showing of the intention of giving something of value, or promising or offering something valuable to the public officer.
  • As to the receiver, who must be a public officer, there is a showing of demanding, receiving or accepting something of value from another person
  • That the consideration of the above mentioned act is to influence the conduct of any official act of the public officer as to the giver, or in exchange of influencing the performance of his official act with regards to the receiver.
  • That an illegal gratuity is involved

Federal Bribery Cases

Bribery is a form of public corruption that involves the public authorities. The essence of prohibiting the acts provided under 18 USC 201 is to prevent the fundamental threat to national security when the government authorities are corrupted. The Federal Bureau of Investigation can investigate any forms of corruptions. It may also be investigated within the organizational level, where the management can take the initiative of conducting its own internal investigation against its personnel and may file an official criminal charge of bribery under 18 USC 201.

Federal Bribery Penalties

18 USC 201 imposes the following penalties for bribery under the federal law:

  • A fine of not more than three times the value of the considerations involved
  • An imprisonment of not more than fifteen years
  • Both criminal penalties of imprisonment and a fine
  • Disqualification to hold office in the government and the forfeiture of any benefits arising from his government services.

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