US Army CID Criminal Investigations Division

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US Army CID Criminal Investigations Division

The US Army Criminal Investigation Command (US Army CID) is the primary investigating arm of the US Army. Its main functions include the conduct of different investigations to which the Army is a party of interest. The US Army CID has various command centers across the globe. Modern investigative techniques are employed in the conduct of their investigations and its main concern is to be present where criminal activities are taking place. Their operations are usually centralized and their military missions are usually autonomous. Its special agents report directly through the Commanding General who then reports to the Army Chief of Staff and Secretary.

US Army CID – Authority

The US Army CID is an independent investigating body of the US Army and its special agents are vested upon the authority, duties and powers to exercise the following:
• Collect, analyze and obtain intelligence on criminal activities
• Perform service operations to protect the nation and its citizens
• Provide assistance to the DoD investigative body in forensics
• Keep and maintain Army criminal records
• Investigate the death of soldiers with certain exempting circumstances
• To apprehend violators of the law
• Deploy contingency support in all US military operations worldwide
• Carry firearms, primarily the 9mm SIG Sauer P228 as a sidearm and the M4 carbine when deployed to a combat environment

US Army CID – Responsibilities

The US Army CID may investigate criminal activities and provide support in the investigation of the other US intelligence bodies whenever needed. Some of the crimes its special agents may investigate include the following:
• Drug trafficking
• Procurement fraud
• Murders and homicide
• Armed robbery
• Sexual assault
• War crimes
• Terrorism
• Criminal intelligence
• Subversive activities
• Crimes committed against the coalition forces
• Crimes committed against host nation personnel
• Sabotage
• Profiteering
• Diversion of supplies and equipment

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