US Department of Defense CID

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US Department of Defense CID

The US Department of Defense has its own criminal investigation division that serves as its criminal investigating body that is under the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense. The US Department of Defense CID is also known as the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) of the Department of Defense that is mainly tasked to protect the military personnel who are responsible for the conduct of various criminal investigations. The department was established in 1981 pursuant to the amendments made to the Inspector General Act of 1978 and it forms part of the federal law enforcement department of the United States. While the department has special agents conducting the criminal investigations, the major investigations are generally led by Deputy Inspector General for Investigations.

US Department of Defense CID – Authority

The US Department of Defense CID has special agents who are highly skilled and well trained officers who are vested upon the law with the following duties and authorities:

• To execute the law under the supervision of the Department of Defense
• To serve warrants
• Make an arrest even without warrant for any crimes committed in the presence of its special agent
• To carry firearms
• Conduct, coordinate and supervise criminal investigation activities
• Its special agents may also be engaged in criminal investigations involving the military department
• Render leadership and coordinated efforts in recommending policies that will prevent abuse in the operations and programs of the Department of Defense

US Department of Defense CID – Responsibilities

US Department of Defense CID is a criminal investigative arm of the Department of Defense with the mission of giving priorities to the investigation of the following criminal activities:

• Bribery
• Fraud
• Illegal transfer of defense technology
• Defective and substandard weapon systems
• Computer intrusions
• Cyber crimes
• Corruption
• Health care fraud
• Different types of financial crimes
• Counterfeiting
• Illegal export of weapons and equipment
• Organized international criminal organizations
• Threats to the national security

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