US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI)

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The US Air Force Office of Special Investigation (USAF OSI) was established on August 1, 1948 with the purpose of consolidating the investigating activities of the Air Force. As a federal law enforcement agency, the US Air Force (USAF OSI) conducts an independent criminal investigation and counterintelligence mission and directly reports to the Secretary of the Air Force. The department’s first Commander was Special Agent Joseph Carroll, who was then a senior FBI officer. Its operation is international and the department provides service operations that are different from the traditional chain of command observed in the military. It is mainly concerned with the protection of the national security.

US Air Force USAF OSI – Authority 

The powers and authority of the US Air Force (USAF OSI) are far reaching, as they can operate globally and in any domain. Its special agents are highly trained with some specialized trainings required involving forensics, firearms and other weapons, anti-terrorism techniques and surveillance detection. Its military services include the exercise of the following powers, duties and authorities:

• Provides military service for the Department of Air Force
• Detect and mitigate national threats
• Provide global specialized services
• Conduct counterintelligence operations
• Conduct criminal investigations
• Engage foreign enemies and threats
• Provide aviation forces for both combat and service
• Exercise offensive and defensive air operations
• Technology protection
• Carry firearms with 9x9mm SIG Sauer P228 as primary weapons carried by its special agents

US Air Force USAF OSI – Responsibilities

The US Air Force (USAF OSI) is engaged in various investigations such as the following:

• Economic crime investigations such as frauds
• Terrorism
• Intelligence threats
• Espionage
• Technology infiltrations
• Drug use and trafficking
• Black market activities
• Cybercrimes
• Sexual assault
• Murder and homicide
• Robbery
• Rape
• Major burglaries
• Appropriated and non-appropriated fund activities
• Technology transfers
• Compromise of the Air Force Test materials

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