Consultant – Staff Therapist

David Shrank, LCSW-C, LICSW

David Shrank  is a clinically licensed therapist and social worker, Board Chair of Professional Development with the National Association of Social Workers MD, Board Member with Capital Network Veterans Engagement Board, and Board Member for LGBTQ Veterans Advocacy and Advisory Board Round Table. David is an expert in trauma of all types but especially that of bullying and provides counseling to students and adults who have been bullied and/or currently are being bullied as well as to provide support and resources to the family’s of these individuals.

David is also an expert in gang violence, veteran services, jail/prison diversion, sexual assault, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and predicting violent behavior. David has worked with the youth of Philadelphia, PA, and Trenton, NJ as well as the adults and correctional population of Trenton, NJ, Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC. He has been teaching martial arts since 2003, and has provided security to multiple establishments and organizations. David founded Greater Trenton Behavioral Healthcare’s self-defense program, and trained all staff at the agency.

David has been cited and published by Greg Wright (National Director of Social Relations for the National Association of Social Work) in online magazine along with other publications. David Has been featured as an expert in various areas of mental health on several national and international radio shows.