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Prisons are dangerous places and a breeding ground of
lies, deceit and violence. While many believe that they
can rely on the prison staff for information and
guidance, other then when it comes to writing up an
inmate for disciplinary issues, those incarcerated soon
learn that prison staff would rather not be bothered, and
only do the minimum when it comes to helping inmates
deal with problems and issues, basically leaving the
inmates on their own to figure out how things work.

By taking the Fedtime 101 program, you will have an
edge over others from the moment you arrive, in
knowing what to expect, what the best jobs are, how to
obtain medical care, and have the peace of mind of not
making a costly mistake that can have lingering effects
on your entire prison stay such as loss of good-time,
visits, telephone use or commissary privileges.

When I was in the FCI in Phoenix Arizona, I had dinner
with a fellow inmate one night and he was dead the next
morning, all because he changed the channel on a
television in a common area being used by several
inmates, and someone took offense over that and
stabbed him!

In another instance, an inmate cut in line to make a call
at an inmate telephone, and another inmate grabbed the
phone receiver from his hands and smashed him in the
face with it and knocked several teeth out.

I was sitting in an inmate dining hall and I watched an
inmate reach across the table over another inmate's
food tray.  The inmate who the tray belonged to picked
up a napkin dispenser and struck the offending inmate
over the head with it.

Most importantly, never sit down on another  inmate's
bunk or use another inmate's property without their
permission. With personal space and property in prisons
being of a limited nature, it's considered disrespectful
and rude to take liberties with things belonging to
others and could lead you being labeled a thief.
Prison Rule 1 - Never Change The TV Channel
Prison Rule 2 - Never Cut In A Telephone Line
Prison Rule 3 - Never Reach Across A Food Tray
Prison Rule 4 - Never Sit on Another Inmates Bunk
Prison Rule 5 - Never Rat Out Another Inmate
Just about everyone who's in custody share a common
denominator in that the reason they are locked up other
then committing a crime... is that someone finked on
them! Well on the inside, there's nothing worse then
being labeled a snitch, and the quickest way to loose the
respect of your fellow inmates is to rat them out to the
cops. Other then people locked up for Kiddie Porn,
snitches are among the most hated people on the inside.
So if you got a 5K.1  for cooperation at sentencing, it's
not a good idea to go broadcasting that to others.
Attend Fedtime 101, A Federal Prison
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"I personally witnessed the depth of
Levine's knowledge of the Federal
Prison System, and watched him work
selflessly and tirelessly under extreme
adversity and persecution to maintain
his fellow inmates' rights. He not only
understands the official rules under
which the BOP operates, but the
unwritten rules savoy inmates must
follow to survive in a dangerous and
complicated society."

Daniel Connor, 13813-041
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For Additional Info a Free Fedtime 101
Consultation and Pricing Call 855-5-PRISON
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