Federal Sentence Reduction

Federal Sentence Reduction Strategies

Wall Street Prison Consultants, is America’s most experienced firm of federal prison consultants, sentencing consultants, and federal sentence reduction prison experts, consisting of retired Federal Bureau of Prisons staff, former federal inmates, and mitigation specialists. Our professional prison experts have extensive knowledge of Federal Law, the Federal Court System, and inner workings of the BOP. Our goal is helping clients obtain RDAP federal sentence reductions, Second Chance Act early releases, and train them in prison survival while assisting them in getting back to their loved ones as quickly as possible.

If you or someone you know has been arrested on federal charges, or served with federal indictments for fraud, bribery, embezzlement, money laundering insider trading, or another white-collar federal crime, that person now faces criminal prosecution in U.S. District Court by the U.S. Attorney and Department of Justice, and criminal investigation by the FBI, IRS, Secret Service and other DOJ and Homeland Security agencies. Possible criminal penalties in a federal criminal case can include asset forfeiture, fines, a felony conviction, and a mandatory minimum sentence with time in federal prison.


Defendants charged with crimes, are often confused listening to family members and others opinions about what will happen to them, and whether hiring a prison consultant or federal sentencing expert is helpful at all! While everyone has opinions…are they qualified opinions? Once sentenced, it’s the defendant whose freedom and safety are in danger, with everyone else’s well-meaning opinion being worthless! When fighting a criminal case, Knowledge is Key, and hiring a prison consultant with FACTS instead of opinions, can be the difference in EARLY RELEASE, and spending unnecessary time in custody.


Wall Street Prison Consultants guides its clients through the phases of Indictment, Trial, Sentencing, and Prison Survival through Supervised Release. By using our services, clients develop an edge when dealing with their lawyers. We take the mystery out of the judicial/court process by educating clients with easy to understand step-by-step explanations on Federal Criminal Statues, Indictments, and the Sentencing Guidelines and how it applies to them, so they can make educated decisions about their case and understand the ramifications of a trial versus cooperating with the government or taking a plea.

While criminal defense attorneys represent clients in the courtroom, most attorneys’ knowledge ends at the prison gate, leaving clients on their own after sentencing. According to prison statistics, 97.1% of those charged are convicted, with thousands of white collar inmates sent to federal prison each year; the majority first-time offenders clueless what to expect entering custody. While not all federal prisons are dangerous, unknowingly violating prison rules can subject inmates to loss of good time and other sanctions. Our Fedtime101 program teaches inmates what they need to know to survive on the inside.


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• Indictment Review
• Federal trial process
• Plea Agreement Review
• Sentencing Assistance
• Inmate Designation
• Prison Survival
• Second Chance Act Releases
• RDAP Early Releases

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